Winter on Chincoteague

The Big Snow of January, 2010

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Chincoteague Welcome SignFrequently we are asked about the winters and snow on Chincoteague. While snow is not an uncommon event, significant accumulations are unusual. These pictures are were taken during, not after the January 30, 2010 snow storm. The wind was blowing from 20 to 35 miles per hour and we  had 11 inches of accumulation when the snow stopped late that evening. It was hard to estimate the actual accumulation because of the wind and drifting. Some areas had little or no snow and others had 4 foot drifts. These pictures were taken in the early afternoon.

Misty and Main StreetMain Street

 A view of Main Street and the Misty statue in the Downtown Park

Refuge Motel Snow PonyThe ponies at the Refuge Motel. Most of the snow on them was blown from the trees they were standing under.

Pony at the Refuge Motel

Boat in the HarborBoatThe boats in the harbor were covered with snow as was the ramp

Boat Ramp

Pine Tree in the SnowGrassTrees and Grasses on the south end of Chincoteague

In The National Wildlife Refuge

The following were taken the day after the snowfall

Great Blue HeronA Great Egret hiding in the snow as Blue Heron fishes to the right.Great Egret in the Snow

Ponies in the snowPonies grazing in the snow while Snow Geese look for an opening in the ice to land,Snow Geese landing in Swans Cove

Tree Ice Ice sickles hanging from a pine tree in the Park

And on the Third Day in the Fields on the Mainland

Six Snow Geese in a FieldField Full of Snow GeeseSnow Geese on the mainland two days after the snowstorm

and then there was January, 1984 with the F/V Montauk stuck in the ice just south of the channel bridge F/V Montauk South of Channel Bridge

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