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 The following is just a sample of  the opportunities you may have to view the ponies.

Pony's HeadStallionFoal with a flag on its sideBand at Cherry Tree Hill Bay




 The Origin of the Ponies

While some have suggested the wild ponies of Assateague trace their origin to horses released to forage on the Island, the story passed from generation to generation on the Islands is they are the descendants of the survivors of a Spanish galleon which wrecked off the coast of Assateague. A recent book written by Mr. John Amrhein "The Hidden Galleon" (link in the reference material section)suggests the local story about the galleon is true. He describes the wreck of the La Galga in 1750, its location, the circumstances surrounding the voyage. the great storm of 1749 which decimated all the livestock on the Island and the appearance of the "Beach" Ponies shortly after the demise of the La Galga, and other evidence. While not absolute the circumstantial evidence he presents is very powerful. An interesting genetic study commissioned by the National Park Service can be found at this link

The First Bonding

"The first moment of bonding". The above is a photograph of Carnival Baby after having just delivered her first foal. This photo was taken by Captain Dan's guests, Robert and Gina Coleman on a 5/21/2012. A close inspection of the foal's flank will reveal reason for the photograph's title.

The photographs below were taken in May of 2011 while on tours.Mare with a foal

2008 Pony SwimPonies on a mud flat

Ponies on Assateague photographed on May 17th of 2011.

Foal laying down on a sandbar A foal seen on a sandbar, again in May of 2011


 Witch Doctor Scotty ET and a fox

Above is a photograph of the Witch Doctor and Scotty ET being watched by a fox. It was taken by Ms. Carol Tremper on her 9/20/2012 trip with Captain Dan.

1930 Pony SwimThe small picture to the left is from the August 17, 1930 edition of the "Richmond Times Dispatch" and is a photograph of the 1930 Pony Swim.