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Our fee for the "Around the Island Tour" is service is $40 per person, children 12 and under are $35. A $5 discount is offered per seat for payment by cash or check. A money back guaranteed pony tour is also available. The fee for the guaranteed tour is $50 per seat. Call for details.

The "Guaranteed Pony Tour" guarantees you will see ponies within 100 yards or your will get you money back. The pricing for this tour is $50 per seat and requires advance reservations. The tour is 2.5 to three hours in duration does not necessarily pass the lighthouse, pony swim lane or other attractions. We search the Island's coast line for ponies exclusively. While this trip has a high probability of success, last year we did refund the passage fee for 5 trips  because the ponies seen did not met our distance requirement. Regretfully we can not accommodate children 5 years of age or under on this trip. 

We offer morning, afternoon and evening tours. Reservations are recommended. These are personalized tours with maximum of 6 guest on our 25' boats. We do have two boats and can accommodate groups of up to 12 by coordinating the trips.

Our around the Island tours are 2 - 2.5 hours in duration. You will travel approximately 22 miles passing completely around the Island of Chincoteague and between Chincoteague and the Island of Assateague.  You will have the opportunity to view the ponies, birds and other wildlife that frequent the Islands and marshes in the area, as available. Also we travel through waters where a variety of sea life can often be seen including dolphin, large rays and sea turtles.

A note about the weather: Because we are not professional meteorologists we will err on the side of caution. The Captain will cancel any trip when he deems the approaching weather to be inappropriate for a safe and enjoyable trip.  If we must disappoint you, we would rather it happened at the dock where you are safe than on one of the remote sections of the Island's waterways, in the midst of  a thunder and lightning storm. Please see our "Green",  "Yellow"  and "Red" weather classifications on the "Frequently Asked Questions" page.  

The Swim

We board from the floating dock in the downtown park, follow the map below.Map to the floating dock

For Reservations or Information call

757 894-0103

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